Protector blocks doesnt work properly

Hey. Have a lot of Protector Blocks around and it still spawns mobs of any kind. Could you help me set it up, fix it or set an Area for my place?

They spawn directly in a Protector Area. -.-

This is unfortunate - they are configured not to do that :think_bread:

I flood my whole area now with blocks. Still Spawning.

Could you answer me one Question? (or two)

Why cant you just protect my whole area via command? I mean is there any corruption or a very important reason why you dont do it?

players who earned the trusted_player priv can make use of areas, everything else is decided individually - it is of course helpful if a player is well-known so the (likely larger) area doesn’t become a waste of space… due to inactivity or something

Dont get me wrong but i dont see any disadvantage in “wasting space” since the world is unimagable great. you can play this world 10 yeras more with every week 2 new player and there will be still space for everyone. :smiley:

And by the way. the server isnt very well visted anyway. I dont see any point in holding back those privs.

And i dont see how you could abuse it. oh, wait. you can just make the whole worls yours. i see the point but not in doing it. :slight_smile:

I visited the area and it looks like insufficient protection. There is the Protector Placer Tool. It places protector nodes ideally.

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