🕴 Playerskins now accepted

You can now send me a skin if you want.

If you want to create a custom skin or migrate a Minecraft skin,
please follow this template:

template source

Please send me the skin in a private message.
A skinserver is planned since a longer time and will follow some day.
This new feature is kind of the beta Minetest-endpoint for it.


  • changes from the character creator will temporally overwrite your skin. You need to relog to apply it.
  • when you join and the skin is in singlecolor (dummyimage), your skin has been applied but the server still needs a restart to initialize your skin. See this issue report.

@ClaudiusMinimus your skin is already added, it is available as soon as the server restarts for update.
I will drop your skin from the wardrobe, then.

If I understand this correctly, it sound like you can now attach a skin to a player’s account; am I correct? Further it sounds like character creator will–if used–temporarily overwrite the skin, hence the “need to relog to apply it” Will the skin stay applied now, so I will no longer have to use the wardrobe to apply my player’s ClaudiusMinimus skin?

You were writing at the same time as me. LOL. Thank you for anticipating my question. :smiley:

No more wardrobe.
It applies the skin with a 1sec delay and is not overwritten by character_creator.
Only if you change your character_creator settings, it will apply the character_creator skins again.

When a player joins the game, it looks for a same called images and applies it if there is any, that’s the main magic.

When the skinserver is done, i’ll drop the skins from character_creator.

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What actually happens to my skin I created with the character creator? Is there a w to use it after the change still?

If there is no skin set, your character_creator skin is used.
Edit: and it will not touch your cc settings, so yes, you can back.

So I have a skin now, but how can I get it into my posts and PMs?
EDIT:Figured out how to get my skin to Milan.

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Can you please give me this skin:

This wasn’t a private message.
I ask the people to do so to protect their skins.
However, not a big deal, will add it soon. :slight_smile:

Hello there,
am I allowed to submit a texture with higher resolution or should I stick to the default 64x32 one? will a 256x128 or a 512x256 one be accepted?

not sure if it was smart but i already accepted a high-res one… would be unfair, go ahead if you think it fits into the low-res environment :doge:

How do I send you a skin?

when clicking on my avatar, you should have a message-button for example

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Hmm, I’m not sure I see it lol.

Nvm found it, heehee