Pictures of the Halloween Event 2019

A very cool Halloween event!
Many thanks to the Illuna team!!!


Ya, everyone involved did a good job. I should have taken some screenshots to post when I was on that skeleton and ghost. But it looks like additional changes have been made because those post things weren’t in the last screenshot when I did it. Now I must go check it out again! :slight_smile:

Nice pictures! If you press f1 it hides hud, for better pictures. And f2 hides chat too.
Btw thanks, it was all dotti who worked on the outside, i made the interior design/games.

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Indeed. Jakab did a very good job on the maze, riddle, games, traps in the house and the pumpkin. I did more or less the rest. But the rough area was done last year, so it wasn’t that much. (The spiderweb at the top was the most annoying thing :smiley: )
But don’t forget Milan who spent days on adjusting the event items.
I think that’s our 4th Halloween on Illuna, so we already have some experience ;).

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4th halloween ? wow … 2 on VIP 2 on TechEth, i barely remember them now …