One million monkies on typewriters, hooked up to usb adapters so they are playing minetest

Just some fun tidbits from the past few days.

I have been desperately searching for Redwoods, Mesa, Baked Clay, and a few other naturally-occurring rarities without asking for help. This involved a lot of map use and sprint-gliding (which the server reportedly did not enjoy. Don’t hate the lagger, hate the lag?).

Along the way I put away my glider, which was about used up. While not paying much attention to my location, …to put it mildly, I “discovered a natural pit”. Yeah, I cratered. Respawning, I headed back in that direction to fetch my bones. Oh, silly Minetest! I wonder where in the world the pit could be…? :rofl:

I learned that just like sand and gravel falling, some things don’t recalculate unless you interact with them.

Minetest for Mac still doesn’t have shift-clicking (!?!?!? :crazy_face:), so inventory/chest/machine use is extra tedious. I finally finished my “inventory processor” so I can just throw everything on the floor and it will be repaired/processed/crafted/stacked/stored as appropriate. In unrelated news, congrats to my copper/teleport tube dealer, who just bought a third vacation home.

I also finally had the materials to put the finishing touches on my home island and [first] house, the modernist eyesore I named “Four Quartz”. No furniture yet, but now featuring a nyan cat (I’d seen the mobs around, but didn’t know there are nyan nodes too!)

❦ ❦ ❦

Congratulations! Your Oakie evolved into Oak. Er, rather; I do finally have to mention Oakie’s achievement. Near (-300,,300), Oakie’s Island—with its café, cave of fail, “massively-terraformed to look natural” open area, and new Jodrell Bank Observatory—as of today (GMT) is complete!

In tonight’s performance, the part of “Oakie” will be played by “Oak”. In turn, Oak will be moving on to a more creative mode of play. I hope everyone can share in my enthusiasm for whatever we’ll see next from Oak :grin:


hah i have to see my stuff in other peoples screen shots!

My view distance is about 100 or my 15fps drops… So you have shown me what my own project looks like at a distance :smiley:

Nice pictures and I like your house!
At spawn is now a teleport to the area 5000 south, so maybe you will get some neighbors.