Not enough serverinformations on the homepage / sizing on my screen

  1. illuna homepage (

… has no direct links / informations “behind” the “pictures” / names of the 3 servers. Maybe I did sth wrong or this is intended … and any visitor has to use the “community” link to get more information to the servers.
But even after searching a while , i didn’t found an easy “overview” page with the basic informations about the server … especially a MOD - list.
Normally I like to see that, when exploring a “new” server at MT - forum page , but at least on its own homepage.

So maybe Milan could create such a link / page behind the server-pictures on HP. And maybe also on the 1st MT forum post … below the large picture.

  1. headline at HP:

…has no distance to upper edge of the background picture, when browser window is not wide enough.

Post on minetest forum

it is hard to match all screen sizes.
this is how it normally looks like:

the homepage needs various content updates, i agree with that.


Also searching for a mod list everywhere…cant find one :frowning:


It was had to maintain this huge modcollection with description and links for each mod and it was basicly always outdated so i didn’t migrate it to the new website.

You can take it from or by typing /mods.