New server idea


I got an idea for a new illuna server:
Concept:This server is in apocalipse, because some nuclear bombs changed the atmosphere so everyone in it turns into a zombie. The area where the lobby, the marketplace, hoes of players etc. a giant underground shelter.
Mods: marssurive ,digtron, gravity gun, moreores, moreblocks, technic, mesecons, vector_extras, moremesecons, technic, technic_aluminium, tech_add, pipeworks, npcf, mobftrader, smartshop, shops, 3d armor, gloopblocks,firearms,zombie_waves(zombies), digilines
Generator:Normal Genertor
Custom stuff: broken nuclear generators from the technic mod should generate, cottages cimilar to wasteland ones
EDIT:I mean the default generator with the normal, not the mars generator generator, I edited it ones, but because it felt like like cheating I put it here.


Sounds interesting, but we are already working on a new server which will be wonderful in its own right.

BTW; I will check out the mods you mentioned that I am not familiar with.