New hardware for Illuna arrived

Dear players,

TechEth and aestiVal and our forum have been moved to a new, more powerful machine. Please check them – especially TechEth – for errors.

The new setup

While both were simply moved and restructured to a containerized (lxc based) setup, TechEth had a number of database migrations, in order to match the more modern, performant and future proof setup of aestiVal (restructuring of the mods and stuff still needs to be done). The new webmap is going to be optimized for the custom, multi-layer world soon.

Excitingly the new machine got NVMe-awesomeness and 64 GB of memory. It appears to be much snappier and the weird disk slowdowns eg. on updating the forum, which caused much lag ingame, seem to be gone.


At this point, you should be able to point your client to or as always. If you run into connection issues, try

Expected downtimes

There may be one or two short maintenances within the next days for finishing things up – however, TechEth won’t go down for backups again*. :tada:

What still needs to be done

little bit of tidy on the hostmachine
updated backup scripts
new location for backups
fix ip reading for minetestservers inside of the containers (for multiaccount detection)
make Prometheus work with our new setup to fix our statistics page
update Minetestservers to the latest release of Minetest

Why this wasn’t announced

This was not planned and kinda happened during an attempt to fix our backup scripts with the old storage solution. As it was broken, TechEth had some downtime every day for a few days… and none of the very few active players complained. Anyway, sorry for that. Everything should be much more reliable now.
The thread with @grand, where if have explained what happened originally sadly didn’t survive the forum migration.


* due to the large flood of actions in the rolllback database due to technic and mesecons, we might need to shut TechEth down once a week or so to reset that specific database.

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Sound good! :slight_smile:
I also hope we get the skybox problem on aestiVal fixed (white sky after joining after using /skybox and asteroid sky missing) :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know if it was broken before the update, but there are some unknown nodes in the road just outside the stairway to space. Teleporter at TC, then exit the stairway at bottom, and the stairs or slabs are missing.

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Hello, the server seems to be down… At least I can’t connect right now :slight_smile:

sorry, looks like i did a late night messup recently. should be fixed

It is :slight_smile: Thank you Milan. Sorry I have no time to build these days, but I’ll try to build a tree per day !