New Forum and some tips


Hey Milan.
Since you asked me to check on this forum i took a look and found something might usefull for you. :wink:

First of all,
it would be pretty nice, if there would be an place to introduces new players. :slight_smile: So everyone can leave a post about themself if they want to.

the second thing is. The style is pretty nice. but the css code finally need some other colors. because the discreptions of posts and threads are hard to read if they are grey on a white background. :stuck_out_tongue: but well you finally told me the css isnt finished yet so its fine.

So the technical support thread is an good idea. but most of players are more comfort to a Bug Report area so you might change this as well.

ok well so far everything seems okay for me. its nicely and will grow by itself as well.

but how about might a place as well to get some good advice or ideas from players? i mean, maybe some other players have some great ideas for some nice textures. :stuck_out_tongue: well i saw theres a lil section for this, but this can also be spread in some sub threads to keep em in eye. :slight_smile:

and maybe some space for non minetest related stuffs. like if someone likes to do some gfx, or working on hps or doing lps. something where others can maybe talk about some hobbys or anything else. so this will maybe Spam area or anything else. :slight_smile: hehe

well ill hope this will help you a bit and if you like to ask something, go ahead i love to take a look around anything and bring my own ideas into something, if i can help. :wink:

best greetings,


Thanks for your suggestions. <3
I / We will think about it and just added some new categorys for the beginning.


Well, im glad if i could help. :wink: And just feel free to ask me for help if you do. I鈥檒l love to help, if i can of course. :wink:


Everyone who wanna help is free to do that. :+1:
If you want, i鈥檒l invite you in our head channel on jabber.
But wait, you鈥檙e irc only, aren鈥檛 you?


Is the navigation header on the forum new, which shows links to: Forum, Rules, FAQ, Mapshots, Statistics, Donate, and Contact & Social ?

If so, it is a good addition.


It sure is new took milan all of 2 mins to do amaizing


wow @Samyhea returned :smiley: