New fortress on WIP


hi all!

i am working on a new terrority near Elvas on WIP. its gona be a huge fortification :

i did not wanted to push this up at the beginning, but im out of stonebrick and in need of it :stuck_out_tongue:
if someone can prowide me some, ill thankyou that x)

if you get to one of my travelnet, choose “current task_2” , the last one. there are some chests near the gates.
please put the stonebrick there.

thank you for reading!


I will check out my storage, i can probably provide some stones :slight_smile:

Also awesome build.


thank you :slight_smile:
i asked grand, and after 10 mins, he gave me 9 chest full with stonebrick … i watched it like this : o.O
so thoese chests are almost full :smiley:
thank you again for booth of you!


It’s a pleasure to help :slight_smile:


now i have done with the walls, and i started to build its inside:

the kings hall is already done :
feel free to wisit it :slight_smile:


The ceiling and the pillars look really good. Great job :slight_smile:


Impressive fortress ! Must be really hard to heat up in winter :rofl:
Great work !


yeah i was thinking about that problem to solve it :stuck_out_tongue: … i want to go on realystics, so ill find out something :slight_smile:


now its a bit evolwed:

i was working on theese details in the last few days, tell me your oponion! and if you have any ideas what sould i change tell me in a comment!


The black lining looks good ! Keep on the nice work !


also a change in the throne room:

the snake is new. it looks better in live.

oh and @grand , can you send me a schreenshot of your flag ? i would like to place it in this room!
(also coeseta, storyous, and maybe others as well)


I gave it a look in situ, it’s awesome ! Bravo :+1::clap:

My flag ? Hmm… I asume I didn’t take care of that… unless I’m suppose to already have one… (What a noob I am !). :vulcan_salute:


Really nice build jakab :slight_smile:


i will make a new topic about flags, the old one is crushed …
please wisit it!


it looks better if you moove a bit … if you stay still, its not that good :stuck_out_tongue:
at night:


i made a super cool gate for my fort :> im realy glad that i could make it!

this video is unlisted, so you can find it ONLY by this link.
if you wisit it, please pay attention when you turn on one of the switch,wait until the gate opens/closes, and then make sure to turn the switch off, wait a few seconds, and ONLY THEN use the other, or the same if you want to.
tell me what do you think! (and please don’t dig up the floor to find out how i made it, you may destroy something by mistake. ask me instead in a message! thx.)


wow, this is really cool, nice gate (and overall building)!


very cool. i have to have a look!