New fortress on WIP


hi all!

i am working on a new terrority near Elvas on WIP. its gona be a huge fortification :

i did not wanted to push this up at the beginning, but im out of stonebrick and in need of it :stuck_out_tongue:
if someone can prowide me some, ill thankyou that x)

if you get to one of my travelnet, choose “current task_2” , the last one. there are some chests near the gates.
please put the stonebrick there.

thank you for reading!


I will check out my storage, i can probably provide some stones :slight_smile:

Also awesome build.


thank you :slight_smile:
i asked grand, and after 10 mins, he gave me 9 chest full with stonebrick … i watched it like this : o.O
so thoese chests are almost full :smiley:
thank you again for booth of you!


It’s a pleasure to help :slight_smile:


now i have done with the walls, and i started to build its inside:

the kings hall is already done :
feel free to wisit it :slight_smile:


The ceiling and the pillars look really good. Great job :slight_smile:


Impressive fortress ! Must be really hard to heat up in winter :rofl:
Great work !


yeah i was thinking about that problem to solve it :stuck_out_tongue: … i want to go on realystics, so ill find out something :slight_smile:


now its a bit evolwed:

i was working on theese details in the last few days, tell me your oponion! and if you have any ideas what sould i change tell me in a comment!


The black lining looks good ! Keep on the nice work !


also a change in the throne room:

the snake is new. it looks better in live.

oh and @grand , can you send me a schreenshot of your flag ? i would like to place it in this room!
(also coeseta, storyous, and maybe others as well)


I gave it a look in situ, it’s awesome ! Bravo :+1::clap:

My flag ? Hmm… I asume I didn’t take care of that… unless I’m suppose to already have one… (What a noob I am !). :vulcan_salute:


Really nice build jakab :slight_smile:


i will make a new topic about flags, the old one is crushed …
please wisit it!


it looks better if you moove a bit … if you stay still, its not that good :stuck_out_tongue:
at night: