Nerfed hydro generators (SOLVED)

Is the hydro generator power output change permanent? Dropping from 1575 to 120 is a huge nerf. :sob:

I thought it was down to 180 - but still not a nice thing :-/
Crashes probably a lot of fabrics…

build reactors :wink:

“post must be at least 20 characters” <— there you have it

@Dirk, oops, I might have tested with water only on 2 sides.

@jakab, nope! I am deathly allergic to reactors. :hot_face:

I just need to know if the change is permanent so I can start building ~500 more hydros to power my stuff.

Good news! There is now an MV hydro generator that produces 1800. It is crafted with 3 LV hydros and some other stuff, but each one will produce 27% more power. So existing LV hydros can just be upgraded (minus a few), and then remove any supply converters that were converting to MV. For every LV hydro you had, you will need to build 1.37 additional LV hydros to make enough MV hydros. It will cost more, but it’ll use less space.

A quarry needs 7 MV hydros instead of the 8 LV hydros.


@auouYmous i still say use reactors xDD you can power 10 quarry with only one reactor

And how long does 1 uranium dust power the reactor?

well, you need 30 uranium 3.5% uranium dust for one rod, and you need 6 rod for one reactor. it takes a while, but when you get it it lasts for years. i dont play much, with survival, and they are happily running for almost a year lol. and the lowest is still above 50%

I looked into the code of the reactor:

local burn_ticks = 7 * 24 * 60 * 60