My Shop May Have Too Close

Nobody has bought anything from my shop right under silvers house right at the North-West spawn so soon if nobody buys anything from it I may have to actually close it(im not going to be wasting resources on it if nobody will be using it).

I feel you – it’s a nice shop and I would like to see more trading happening on Illuna.

It seems like the trading culture has never really caught on on our server (I can’t answer for what it was like before, because I am relatively new to the server, but this is my impression). I find that whenever I need something I rarely find it in any of the shops, or it’s out of stock. I have a habit of crafting / mining my own stuff instead, and I think most players do the same most of the time. This, combined with he fact that there are relatively few active players, leaves the few shops we have mostly unused – which in turn is a reason why they often seem unattained by the owners, hence being mostly out of stock or with very few items for sale. And then we’re back at the reason why many players (at least me) never ever think about buying stuff instead of crafting / mining it.

But I would love to see your shop succeed, please tell me if there’s anything I can help with. I can probably contribute with goods for sale if having a joint shop would be a better idea?

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kk I will let you know(currently the shop is blocked off while I decide what to do with it).