My gold and stone farm

I finally finished the first room in my new base. It is a almost completely automatic gold farm that also makes stone. All you have to do is add ingots to the spawners every now and then. and even then it has indicator lights to let you know what spawners need to be filled. It can produce about 2500 ingots per hour minus a couple hundred going back to the spawners.

P.S. If anyone wants some gold I’m selling some at my 5000,5000 shop :wink:


Looks nice and clean. How did you make an indicator light on the ore spawner? Does that cobble gen detect “air” and invert the signal with a not gate?

@jackdavidson very good, most players doesnt get this far!
(i always think i should upload some screenies about my gold farm, but its just not fair xd)

i guess it detect the stone and it does not invert any signal @auouYmous xD

CAPITALIST!!! :smiley:

Well… good work.


@auouYmous the cobble generator detects flowing lava and inverts it and the indicator jest uses a node detector to check if the spawner is active.

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Very nice, might be also a nice addition to my other farmers. I already have a fully automatic tree farm and an automatic cobble/basalt farmer that automatically compresses the cobble stone :slight_smile:
So gold and stone will be a nice addition.

After watching your ore spawner, I realized it only needs two stones and their position doesn’t matter. If packed together like yours it would need 3 stones per spawner in case one spawner steals a stone from the other spawner. That allowed me to reduce mine from 8 stones and add more spawners. :slight_smile:

I like to turn the cobble gens off when not needed so I tried an xor gate (with detector and lever as inputs) instead of the not gate, but lag was causing some of them to get stuck. I changed the gate to a luacontroller running which is like an xor gate but the output pulses when active.

Thanks for the ideas!

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it works fine like this:

much less space, and if one of the spawners go off, it takes the stone nearby, but it refills just as if the nearby spawner would have did the job… so less space, same efficiency.
and then you can do what i did:

build 140 fully automatic gold spawners ._. (except refilling the gold)

I have added some upgrades to my gold farm. I found out that basic robots can refill the spawners if you add the gold to the fuel inventory and the spawners has at lest one item placed in it by the player. I also decided to add some more spawners.

This is the design is used

and here is the code I used
robot.lua (1.1 KB)

one problem I did have was getting a clock that lasts about a minute or two to set off the robot. I got one but it is pretty big.

I tried a lua controller but I am fairly new to lua and could not get it to work. If someone knows of a better one please let me know.


For luacontroller, this is off for 60 seconds and on for 1 second. Change the 60 to your delay and both port lines to the side you want the pulse to be on.

if event.iid == "hi" then
    port.a = true
    interrupt(1, "lo")
    port.a = false
    interrupt(60, "hi")

nice stuff! i definitely have to mess with this, and make my gold farms fully automated finally! :DD

@jackdavidson thanks for the tip on using a robot, I now have a fully automated gold farm :slight_smile:

My travel net in travel center can be used to go directly to it if anyone wants to see how it works.

You are awesome xD i tried this with the robot but i didnt try it with one Gold in the spawner