Mumble server ideas


Every so often I check in on the Mumble server, because if I wanted to fly solo I could just play on my own machine. Not sure if any of these sound like fun, but if any of you are open to trying new ideas …


There could be an unofficial Illuna Toastmaster’s group. Take a break from building in the digital-woods and practice public speaking skills. We could set up a town hall and take turns giving speeches about how the town really needs a firehouse or a bigger park, and then build them.

Learn German? Practice English? I’m monolingual (silly American), but there are lots of resources to learn another language online, and if folks are interested in practicing that’d be cool.

Improv comedy games. If you’re into that sort of thing! Improv comedy is built on a number of social games that might adapt well to having fun and making connections in Illuna too.

I’d be into trying any of these if there are folks in good time-zones. What do you think?



i have more faith into our discord-server to be honest, but feel free to convince me on the contrary…



Does discord do voice? I missed that.



It does. We even have six voice chat rooms which are always empty.