Most of you know this .... but you know why not ? The Ice Wonder

ezt is biztos lefordítod majd.

So~ I’ve just noticed i haven’t crated a post about the “Ice Wonder” (if you have any name ideas, pls tell me xP ) So i decided why not make one, so i can send links to others who may interest in this building.
I also made a short video about it:
enjoy some pictures to get your attention huehue:

and now the interior:

Woking hours count:
12 for the basic walls and side temples
13 finish the sketch from outside.
20 surronding temples
34 main entrance and cave inside
13 two separate inside caves
8 plants room
18 ouside detailing, gardens, fountains, etc
11 extra hours detailing and working out ideas
all together: 129 hours. ((add or remove 5 xP )

Special thanks to Ruthie, she gave me a lot of ideas and support!

I’ve started working on this just a few months ago in summer. There was something with a challenge to impress @dotti, but i dropped that in the first 10 hours because i enjoyed building it so much :sweat_smile:
Though i made it entirely alone, this couldn’t have happen without all of you taking part in this amazing community :heart:

Stay cool! :smiley:



One of the best techeth buildings indeed. :slight_smile:


Ki fordít le mit?!
Good job btw! Keep up the great work :smiley: !


az csak egy poén, tudva h ugyis használják a gúgli fordítót beirtam xD