More food, dragons, fixes and a texture

Heyo, here are the latest Illuna updates:

++ add mtfoods ->
++ add mtcandy (extension for mtfoods)
++ add dragons
+- update banana leaves group
+- update teleport pad texture (by Milan)

#### Changes: * **mtcandy** has been made eatable and compatibility to hunger was added - the mod was forked. * **dragons** are very strong, beware! They'll spawn in a depth between -11.000 and -22.000 blocks and only in caverealms. The drop of them will be changed in the future, it is like "beta". :D * **banana leaves** are now compatible with recipes using `group:leaves` * **pad texture** well, it's honestly experimental and not as professional as from @coeseta but it got good feedback^^


i realy like the pad :slight_smile:

Wow Illuna is really improving alot in the short time i haven’t been playing. I’ll be back soon tho.
Priorities, you know how that goes.

Are the dragons stronger than sand-worms?

@snowmann said:
Are the dragons stronger than sand-worms?


@snowmann said:
Are the dragons stronger than sand-worms?

Lol! Sandworms are weak, boring and slow. We didn’t test it yet, but it should be easier to fight against 10 sandworms and 10 Sendermen than against the strongest dragon.

Time to find a dragon then :>
Also “fixed” the mossystone brick :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, as dragons steal big treasures from dwarfs etc. (read The Hobbit), why won’t those things drop mithril and/or minecoins?

Yes what do they drop?

As far as I know, they drop gems.

And raw meat. Depending on the dragon - it will be updated soonTM.

Btw I really like the teleport pad, also trying to fix the mossy stone today :slight_smile:

What are the gems for that the dragons drop?

@snowmann said:
What are the gems for that the dragons drop?

Sometimes they are dragon eggs to spawn more dragons. However, some eggs only spawn if specific spawn conditions are met.