Mod suggestion: minerdream. for a whole new mining experience!

“support” is not the best option i chose, but didnt find the future requests for techeth world.
so this is a mod, i would lloooove to see ingame. its a huge mining and survival gamechanger, so i understand if it wont get in. but im sure we can change it to a point where it can be added, and if necessary, i would be glad to help in that. i know a few other people who would like to see this mod too, so im not alone so far :smiley:
here is a link:
hope i got your attention!

(the most think i want from it, is the extra minerals and the tools (which can be changed to be a bit weaker maybe) )

no, no one ? at least yes or no ?

Sounds cool! I think we should consider it. But I think we should always be conservative when it comes to introducing potentially game changing new mods. This addition could also have potential huge effects on the asthetics and colours of the builds on the server. I will give the mod a proper try, because it looks interesting.

Though it looks like little has happened on the development side of things since November last year, and at that point it wasn’t done yet.

very similar colors (seastonebrick) are already included, so it wont change too much in building colors, more like for example the black armor would be a big 0 compared to the strongest armor from minerdream :smiley: as i said these can be removed or modifed to fit correctly. tell me what you think about the strong tools and armor, whould they be a good idea to add as they are by default ?

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