Minetest LP: The Wonderful World of Illuna by Nathan Salapat


Nathan finally began to play on Illuna, this thread is supposed to be a video collection of his videos. :slight_smile:


Watched it and commented on yt :slight_smile:


I just left a comment of Nathan鈥檚 video as well.


Episode 2 is out now :slight_smile:


And guess what, i like it. :tada:


Episode 3 is available for viewing


Episode 4 is here :slight_smile:



Its nice to see Nathan having fun on our Wonderful World of Illuna! :smiley:


Aaaand number 6


It was funny watching Nathan die several times. :laughing: I enjoyed the video, but then it was shot at my castle and mine. :thumbsup:


I don鈥檛 really understand it, felt like 16mins slowly digging some stuff, 4mins falling to death 5secs showing castle, end of vid. 鈥


youdidnt just felt it, you watched it :smiley: