Minetest 5.0 Update


Hey players, we will update have updated TechEth to Minetest v5 very soon, so please make sure to update when it’s time because you’ll need a client of this release in order to connect!

Please report any new issues so we can fix them!

Yet known issues are:

  • black borders in the inventory slots (hoping for fix upstream cuz lazy)
  • hotstone crashed the server once already - how mean, it didn’t happen while testing (fixed)
  • Runtime error from mod ‘seaglass’ fixed (calls removed function nodeupdate())
    further/most/all mods with this deprecated function have been updated (and caverealm’s falling ice has been disabled)
  • node spreading (eg crystal dirt) is not limited to a number of times anymore and floods area’s - i may disable it for now entirely (fixed)
  • firearrows don’t place fire: https://community.illuna-minetest.tk/t/fire-arrows-dont-fire/1257

Getting the latest release:

  • Linux in general:
    One of the easiest tricks would be to use the Snap or Flatpak-Package.
    Many distributions prefer them in the Softwarecenter anyway these day’s.

  • Ubuntu users for example can make use of: https://launchpad.net/~minetestdevs/+archive/ubuntu/stable
    (Or Snap/Flatpak)

  • ArchLinux
    As of right now it seems u gotta build from source or just use the AUR

  • Windows
    Oh, well just head over to https://www.minetest.net/downloads/

  • macOS
    Oh, well, looks like Homebrew wasn’t updated yet…maybe as Cask?
    Or try to build it from source… .

Changelog / Reference:


Building from source:


Q: Will you reset the world?
A: WTF, no.

Q: When can we expect you to update?
A: This more of a hard decision due to the compatibility-break of this release than it is a migration issue, our subgame is almost ready and the merge of Minetest itself went pretty good. :ok_hand:
As of now I assume we will do so within this week, or next week because some of you will receive this update automatically and cannot connect after - so it may be better having to update instead of to downgrade/running from source.


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i’m using the snap version who is still on 0.4.17, to play Illuna Techeth, while i have the 5.0.0 from the PPA just waiting the port of Illuna :slight_smile:. Thanks for keeping us updated :+1:t3:

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I’m kinda a special case :wink: I have three versions of Minetest,, 5.0 and a dev build. I compile the source code myself so I try and keep a few different versions around.
That said, I can’t wait for the update.



YAY it updated!!! :partying_face:
Thanks to @Milan and all the other people who worked hard to update the server (I can only imagine how long it took to ensure that all 228 mods were compatible and ran smoothly) Keep up the awesome work!

PS: Change the homepage to say that the latest minetest version is 5.1.0.

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Very fine work, thanks a lot!



^New known problem… hoping for a better solution soon but looks like i gotta do something asap