Millennium Falcon


Yeah !! It’s really awesome ! I must visit this amazing build ! Dotti the force is with you !

Oh wow really nice, did you build it dotti or was it a community project? Or maybe it was someone else entirely… oooor maybe I was “sleep building” <( O . o )>

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I was forever alone :cry:.

But to be honest with you: I used a tutorial.

Building time: 3,5h.
Tutorial time: 50 minutes …
–> Tutorial shows just intermediate steps and only on the top side. The bottom has to be done as well.
And it’d go so much faster if the tutorial was good and designed for world edit.

Now you even can enter!

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realy nice :slight_smile: i like the color of diamonds in it. grat idea! +1

You can find it at 383,27,191

Seeing this post was one of the reasons I decided to try out the server, and now I’m really glad I did. Thanks for the great build!