Linux Mint Upload Manager & MediaGoblin

I was trying to use Linux Mint’s “Upload Manager” for connecting to MediaGoblin, but have not been able to get it to work. The types of connections available in the settings are: FTP/SFPT/SCP

Below is a screen shot of my settings of attempting to upload to my “general” gallery collection:

When I test the connection, it seems to connect, but I am not able to upload any images. Is is possible to use this Mint app with MediaGoblin?

Well i know, we already talked about this on mumble but just for the thread watchers:

Mediagoblin doesn’t server a regular sftp/webdav protocol.
As you got already, everyone is free to use our Nextcloud. Just request an account.

Nextcloud provides for example:

  • online file management
  • shared folders between users and next-/owncloud instances
  • cool apps like
  • notes
  • rss
  • tasks
  • contacts with sync with your smartphone for example

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I am closing this thread since @Milan has provided a solution.