LightBringer's Hold


I found my first CaveRealm area a few days ago. Instead of taking all the shiny things, I’d like to turn the mineshaft into a small shared build tied to a very small, discoverable story.

The story is that a small group of miners open up a shared bunk-house and go looking for gold. As they go deeper into their mine, the monsters they face turn them into hardened warriors. By the time they get into the glowing cave, they decide to set up a small fortress and take over the caves instead of just mining things and leaving.

I built the surface bunkhouse and a few sites in the mine, and each site has a “journal” of one of the miners. I think it would be more fun if a couple of other folks want to add some small buildings to the final site. Probably very easy and pretty small - the areas I had it mind are about 10 x 12 and 10 x 20, and if you had no ideas one could be an armory and the other could be a barracks. (More ideas are welcome…!)

Please let me know if you want in.


woooo \o/
that’s cool :smiley:


nice done :smiley:


This is amazing! I love the concept and what you have done! I wish I could clone myself and do everything! I may want to join you in the future when I don’t have so many irons in the fire.


Thanks guys! Good feedback from such high-quality builders makes my day. I hope you’ll get a chance to add something small to the area! It will be a lot more interesting with even just a little of your creativity.