Iska Birch and Big Tree

I have the following problems/ questions to these two ethereal trees:

  1. Is it possible to actually grow Iska Birch trees from their saplings - so does it just take a very long time and bone meal just do not work?
  2. Why is their no recipe for the Big Tree?

I couldn’t get them to grow either, that is why my tree farm doesn’t use them. I haven’t tested this yet, but the source says they need ethereal:green_dirt.

And big tree saplings can be purchased in the market.

But in the sapling.lua on this line is un-commented like the yellow_tree (=healing tree?) and this one has no problems to grow.

– Check if Ethereal Sapling is growing on correct substrate
if == “ethereal:yellow_tree_sapling”
– and under == “default:dirt_with_snow” then
and minetest.get_item_group(under, “soil”) > 0 then

elseif == "ethereal:big_tree_sapling"
--and under == "ethereal:green_dirt" then
and under == "default:dirt_with_grass" then

(Edit: the - - without space in between is just written here as – )

Second edit: sorry, this was the “big tree” and not the “Iska Birch”. Then maybe one can add a similar line there, too?

I know that one can buy the big tree saplings, otherwise I would not know about them at all :smiley:
But for me it would make more sense to have a recipe like nine tree sapling -> one big tree sapling than just to buy them at the market.
Why would ethereal offer this trees without a survival way to obtain them?

    if == "illuna_ethereal:fierytree_sapling"
        and under == "ethereal:fiery_dirt" then
    elseif == "illuna_ethereal:iska_birch1_sapling"
        and under == "ethereal:green_dirt" then
    elseif == "illuna_ethereal:iska_birch2_sapling"
        and under == "ethereal:green_dirt" then

light level should be 13 or higher

The big tree worldgens and the sapling is probably for those with creative to spawn them, maybe never intended to be used by survival players.


The schematics for iska trees are placed 14-17 blocks below ground, and fiery trees are placed 1 block too high which is why there is an air block where the sapling was. This patch fixes those issues.

This patch uses the correct name for iska saplings so bonemeal will grow them. The bonemeal code bypasses the green_dirt check, and will grow them on any dirt/grass.

The iska saplings will never grow on their own without the unobtainable ethereal:green_dirt (the ethereal mod aliases it to default:dirt_with_grass), unless those lines in src/sapling are changed to default:dirt_with_grass.


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sorry, this somehow slipped through - i have added your patches, thank you. they gonna be live soon.

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