Invisible glass and slabs

Invisible glass is the best glass, who agrees with me? :slight_smile: This also adds circular saw slabs for invisible glass, because a 1/16 glass ceiling or floor gives more vertical space than a full block. The other shapes lack descriptive names making it impossible to tell them apart.

I also found a bug in the colored shieldblocks, there is no space between color and name, oops! I also refactored to remove duplicate code and unneeded aliases.

One of the best! We have already near invisible one from loud_walking :slight_smile:
What would be the recipe of this one?

But I would like to have the Iska Birch patch

and the rubber tree leaves issue

What is the glass in loud walking called? But near invisible and completely invisible aren’t the same thing, like the difference between a dirty/foggy window and a really clean window. :slight_smile:

The recipe is glass to invisible glass in crafting grid, and I just fixed the patch to add the reverse.

It stinks that topics are auto-closing after a month, but the rubber leaf just needs the server to properly update from git. The iska birch patches are with friends at

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transparent_scrith from loud walking doesn’t have a white edge, but still has glass’s little marks. Against most backgrounds they’re all-but invisible, but then you move and parallax gives them away. And in other circumstances, they do weird alpha & reflection things (as intended in loud walking itself, I suppose).

In certain contexts, I’ve also used Comet Atmosphere, which is intangible, and quite visible—but only from the outside.

Samples available for purchase in my shop AFKmart at 5000 South :sweat_smile:

As we know from event barriers, but also found elsewhere in-game, e.g. standing on the lv cnc (etc.) on the top floor in the TC is true invisible block already in the server (but utterly unavailable for us survival accounts I assume).

Thanks for your work on this!