Introducing: Public storage

Do you want to make gifts to other people?
Or do you want to have a locked chest near the spawn?
(Please write the date on a sign.)
This is the place for it.

(Thanks to @Sokomine for this idea.)

The Public Storage could be very useful for new players who want to explore, but need a place keep their stuff. If they use /sethome & /home as they wonder about, and also use /spawn they can explore and have access to their stuff.

Could a marked off section of this building be used as a post office to put a player mailbox? However, a post office would require mailboxes to be placed for longer than four weeks.

Interesting point, @ClaudiusMinimus. And i have an idea… :smiley:

@dotti said:
Interesting point, @ClaudiusMinimus. And i have an idea… :smiley:

I was wondering if you were going to announce the new post office? B)

If you want, feel free to announce it :slight_smile:

Okay, when I’m in game today I’ll take some screenshots

cool to me its better for people that dont have a permanent home

Thanks for building the public storage area. It looks way better than the huge dirt wall that used to be there before :slight_smile: Hope it will turn out useful for new players.