Introducing Interactive Mapshots

Hi there, since the current mapshot is about 100mb big and kills image viewers and browsers, its time for something lightweight, new, modern and fancy.
Our mapshots are now available as interactive maps, that means, like a “real” map you may know from OpenStreetMap or GoogleMaps.

Checkt it out under:

Beware, its not fully finished and it will integrated in homepage itself soon.
But since older hardware will not be able to open the current static images, i think, a pre-announcement is not that bad idea :wink:

Have fun with it!

Update: Markers on click removed

Update2: You can zoom two levels more now

thats cool milan :slight_smile:
its wery usefull and love it :3

Looks good, is it possible to add co-ordinates as you point on the map so you know where the thing is you are looking at on the map?

@snowmann basicly yes, and there are already markers on-click included.
But the coordinates are not the same as in the minetest word, i dont know if this can be done in the future but i will try it.

how can i remove marks ? :o

@jakab hit F5

oh not that marks sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
in the map :smiley:

I dont understand… have you a screenshot of it?

will see …

i mean in this :

*markers if it help

There are no default markers in /map.

just click ?

As i told you, just refresh the page and they be away

oh i see :slight_smile:
i dont remember when you told me :stuck_out_tongue:

F5 is the key to refresh a page

uups im silly x)
thanks again

Note: I just removed the on-click-markers.

Its now integrated into the /mapshots page.

Updated screenshot…