Introducing: Initial stuff house

There are Old Bones everywhere. New player join - and die. But they carry stuff other new players could use. A whole set of steel armor is too expensive to throw it away and hardcore gamers in mithril don鈥檛 need it. So simply this is the place to drop it. It has a nice little sorting as well :slight_smile:

I will see what can donate. Good work dotti!
It might be useful for those who donate to make sure the items are fully repaired before donation. I keep an extra anvil and hammer in a chest under the stone tiles in the oak orchard for any who want to use it. Please feel free to use it to repair tools and armor. All I ask is that you put it back in the chest for the next person to use

Yes, I will look too

i have every old armor and tool repaired :slight_smile:
but i want to keep them for a museum :smiley:

I noticed many of the items need repair. Would it be okay if I brought an anvil and hammer down to fix everything?

neat idea, i鈥檒l donate my old stuff aswell

i will too i think 鈥 not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

@jakab said:
not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Please try to avoid multible posts. Edit you post instead.

okey sorry :slight_smile: can you delete it ?

No, i鈥檒l leave it as it is to have an example.

@Milan said:
No, i鈥檒l leave it as it is to have an example.

thanks ^^

ill donate too but i only have have bronze stuff

You can put other stuff into the public storage.

ok thanks