Introducing: Bows

We’ve got awesome new toys on Illuna now. Bows!!

How it works:
Put an arrow on the left side of the bow, click one time to prepear the bow with the arrow and another time to shoot.

What you should know:
You can not collect used arrows yet.
We will try to patch the mod / hope the mod creator patch the mod.

Whats included:

  • Arrows:

    • arrow
    • diamond
    • fire
    • gold
    • mese
    • mithril
    • toxic
    • steel
  • Bows:

  • mithril

  • steel

  • wood

We’re currently discussing about more arrows/bows.

wow :smiley:
yerstoday i want to create a discussion about the bows x)

What about teleport arrows, it brings a whole different angle to a fight. :slight_smile:

I like the fire arrows, they make it easy to temporarily light up the bottom of a mine or cavern in places you could not reach with a torch without great effort. I have not tried all of the other arrows, but look forward to it.

or building arrow :slight_smile:
that will be helpful for me :smiley:

oh and what about the torch arrow ? :slight_smile:

i love the torch arrow i use it as a temporary long range torch
i use it to check the roofs of caves for and stuff and the torch radius coudnt reach

right now i use the poison arrow because to me it does the most damage

Hi, I’m wondering where I could find a damage-point list of different arrows, in order to know which to use for different purposes.

Hack a nice day

“3 years later” O_o
@grand its usually about how strong material its made out from, something like:
wood, steel, gold, mese, diamond, mythril, (maybe the toxic here), fire, and rainbow.
i think that is more or less correct, but sometimes it seems mythril and diamond is the strongest.

@grand I found the mod for arrows here and here is the list.

Plan arrow 5
Steel 8
Gold 10
Mese 12
Diamond 28
Mithril 36
Fire 16
Toxic has random damage over a couple of seconds on average 30
Rainbow 11 but doesn’t get applied correctly

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Thank you for this precious information. All the best for 2020 !