I'm Too Rich LOL (though, there is no *TOO* rich ...)

Hello! I was inspired by @jackdavidson, and decided to show my farms and stuff from my base too.

WARNING: if you don’t want to feel VERY poor, then do not watch the pictures below!!

i already showed this, 160 automatic gold spawners:

Actually i am running low on gold, i spent a lot to make stuff you are about to see below…

more than 560 centrifuge machine, they make 10 double lined chain:

wondering what powers all that centrifuge machine ? well, it’s 50 running nuclear reactor:

just so you can believe me:

all these stuff are just the extreme and more visual ones i have, but i also have a ton of quarry, automated grinding and smelting for them, a lot of autocrafters and around 500 supply converters all set up … and probably more stuff i forgot atm …

thanks for reading, hopefully this inspired you instead of depressing lol

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Go home, you’re drunk.


That is just energy and money. I like it better how you use this :slight_smile:


Those caves have some giant lag monsters in them! :wink:

Quarries were cool until I found out they only dig down 100 blocks and must then be moved down, which requires afking instead of building/playing. Would be cool if they dug forever and limited how many the player could have active at any given time.

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heh, yeah when you get so rich as i am, there is nothing else to do that just give stuff away in super cheap shops and stuff… but if you need, i can give anything for free too lol.

you don’t need to be afk, if you have a switching station nearby which is connected to the quarry, then they can be millions of nodes away, they will work so long you are close to a switching station of the quarries.