I'm so sorry, my automated bone farm made the server crash!

I had previously built a different version of this bone farm, which would also cause a crash, so I had to look for a different solution. I basically copied my new design from another player where this farm had been working fine. It involves a lua controller which is working too fast for me to have a chance to get on the server and stop the whole thing before the server crashes yet again.

To fix this somebody will have to disable pipeworks or mesecons, go to the garden behind my house (which you can reach through travelnet) and remove the luacontroller on the floor.

I am very sorry

Oh… this might have been a coincidence - this crashloop was apparently caused by the rhotator mod which i temporally removed now. :confused:

Also: welcome to the forum!

I hope the rotator tool will reappear some time. I liked it and used it a lot. Sorry if my use caused crashes! :hushed:

It will be back when it’s fixed - i reported the issue to @entuland already :slight_smile:

Hello there! Sorry for being absent for a long time myself - having been unemployed for years the work I’m doing since three months is absorbing me full time :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, I have added some safeguard checks to the rhotator mod and published version 1.4.1 - can’t do any harm and will hopefully help making the mod selection more robust :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is doing great! I hope to be able to go back and dedicate some time to this amazing server and game soon!