Illuna Website 2.0


Hey partypeople i so far finished the mainwork on a new version of our website.
The new design aims to be simple and modern … and to make it easier for potential new players to get interest and join Illuna.

About missing components:

  • rules, may be obsolete and should be in the worlds, not on the website
    but if you think it’s important, i think about adding them to the forum instead(?)
  • stats, are not too important in my opinion, i was thinking about hiding them behind a button on each server tab but i was unsure about how to do this without harming the overall design so it’s yet undone - but this could also be in the forum instead.

Known stuff to improve:

  • new and better quality logo, the current one looks weird and lowres in mobile mode
  • maybe a frame or a slightly darker background for the maps
  • matching colors for map controls

Let me know what you think, feedback is very welcome.


Kind of strange on PC in my opinion but I think it looks good on laptops and mobiles.


Is it possible that the VIP map isn’t working atm ?


It works, the trending / is important atm for both

  1. The logo doesn’t look weird at all.
  2. The new site looks better. +1