Illuna on a dedicated server. Almost. Come and test it!


As some of you may read already, Illuna servers where moving to a new machine.
This one is, again, a KVM virtual server but with a tiny difference:
It is an own dedicated server behind and we don’t have dozen of neighborhood on it anymore!

The Minetestservers and the forum plus the website are already migrated, everything else follows soon.

There is some odd high baselag in the games now, ironicly but it seem to doesn’t affect the ingame performance…as i don’t have enough memory installed on my computer and no money for more memory, please come and play and give feedback. :slight_smile:


Hi there old friends…

Cant we get the Tech server up an running, long time now i wait for it.

Great work Milan keep it up!!!


It will go in public alpha within the next days.


Hi Milan,

when can we join the tech server again? It says “access denied. …”


Uuuuh i am sorry, something must went wrong when i re-added the whiltelisted users.
I fixed that for now, please try again.
Also @hunter2k is now whitelisted.


Ah great … I was able to log in now! Thanks!