Illuna is welcoming you to the Halloween Event of 2018

Players of Illuna - it’s time again, for a lovely, horrifying Halloween-Event!

:jack_o_lantern: #1 Flying Pumpkins

The mystic flying pumpkins returned, go, hunt them,
we’ve heard that some of them carry precious items! :open_mouth:

:derelict_house: #2 Haunted House

This years special part of our event is a scary haunted house designed by @dotti.
If you are brave enough, give it a visit - can you solve the parkour?

The haunted house is right next to the travelcenter which you can teleport to
using the travelbox-button in your inventory.

We hope you will have a ton of fun with it!

:medal_sports: #3 Building Contest

If you go to the haunted house, you’ll find a plot with instructions of how you can
participate in our building contest, we await your awesome submissions,
the winner may even win a cool prize!

:sparkles: #4 …oh well…

Enjoy the themed spawnpoint :joy:

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Amazing! I love it! <3

seems cool!

i didnt see mutch of the haunted house, but i was suprised how awesome it looks!

I also got to take a look and I hope I will find some time to join the building contest.


Submitting an entry in the building contest.
It is a simple maze but not as simple as it looks. :slight_smile:

To get there, go to the travel center and take the first purple path on the left. At the end is a travelnet box named, “Otter.” The first selection is "Home Please watch your step : )
If you select that you should end up in my home. As you step out of the travelnet box, to your right you will see a travelnet box. Actually it is a line of travelnet boxes. Feel free to explore them at your leisure.
The furthest of these travelnet boxes is labeled “OtterLand.”
One of the selections is, “OtterTrickery.”
Expect a trick and a fairly nice treat at the end. At least is is an nice treat if you go out of your way to mine iron. :slight_smile:
For the exact location where the Halloween build starts, if you are able to teleport, use the coordinates,
21462 -9143 22075.

Enjoy the puzzle!



It’s half time.
Two weeks are over, two more to come.

  • Only one submission to the building contest.
  • Only 2 players mastered the haunted house and left a book.

Hurry! Participate!
There will be nice prizes.

Finished the haunted house but was unable to leave a signed book in the gold chest so I left it in the wooden chest next to it.

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you have to place it into the mailbox, that sends it to dotti to read :wink:
but im sure he will find it anyways …

The gold chest is a locked chest I use to put all books in I got.
But as jakab said, I found your book anyway.