If you were a tourguide ...?


If you were a tour-guide to the words of Illuna, which sites would you show off? What histories and stories would deserve special attention?


Are you talking about vip or techeth?
The most interesting sites of vip have a telepad below spawn.
On techeth it get’s a lot heavier.
There are nice buildings arounf /rocket.
/castle itself and the village around with the tequila farm, tv tower and millenium falcon.
If you leave the castle in south and walk for the ringway 900 and go right, there’s an elevator to my meteora monastery.

Aule’s giant mine is very impressive (about 20k/0/20k).
The area of Brackston, Billr and dkelly is nice. Otter build several nice attractions.
Vikis area behiind (follow green path) is nice too…
Many cool stuff around! (Visit all travelnets in the travelcenter!)