I think i have too much time. New builds at Elvas fort!

Ahoy there!

i’ve built two buildings, they are both only have the walls done. one is clearly a fort, the other will be a nice library! enough talkiin’, check the schreenshots!

fire fort (no real name yet …) :

and i decided to give an extra guide how to get there, cuz pll keep asking me to lead them there. its not hard, you just have to look around :smiley: but here you go, i made a nice drawing how to get there from the Travel Center!

and this is exactly what teleport pad you need:

and for those, who does not know how to get to the travel center:

thanks for reading, i hope you will enjoy my place!

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i had a dejavu while building the library, and didnt know why. and now that its done, i just remembered where did i had it from: @coeseta’s awesome building from VIP world!

the style is very similar if you look closely!

Yeah, coeseta made a library very similar to yours. It came directly into my mind, when I saw your picture. But it’s not the one on the screenshot! It’s the one near the huge temple.

I like your guide of the travelcenter.

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