I have been hiking really far from home


hi there :slight_smile:
time to bring some life into illuna :smiley:

i have walking at the edges of forests, and found a place where they collide! in the true meaning of the word! look:

sorry, i didnt light it up :stuck_out_tongue: there are at leat 6 types of tree …

if i see a beach, i always remember summer! for now, its not true at minetest:

i dont know what have you seen, but for me, its wery interesting xP

the nature… i dont want to be under this tree with a rope…

thanks for reading, and watching! see you ingame!


Lovely screenshots! I like the last one especially, those trees look magnificent.


wow here are REALY missing the life :smiley:


We’re busy with life itself :stuck_out_tongue: