HouseTree! (out of necessity)

Hi! I am still in “Iron Age”, with the exception of some Diamonds that a kind soul (Author of Babilonia) gave me to take me out of my misery with the mobs. Out of necessity, I began mining down trying to be efficient and keep things illuminated. At -200, -500 and -100 I plan to dig branches to the sides of the central spiral. I use crystal to allow the light of the normal torches to be more useful, illuminating levels below and above because the floor is made of crystal. I also made a central elevator (water stream) and left just one square without crystal in order to get to the bottom faster.

I made my dirt-home in the middle of a virgin forest of jungle trees. I tried growing tomatos on the roof, but the light is not enough, because of the dense foliage. I decided to build a platform above to plant them, without wandering too much (fearful of mobs, that had killed me more times than I cared to count). I made a cobble spiral, and noticed that I had built just along one tree that was a lot higher than the rest. So I decided to do two things:

  1. continue to build a platform above that tallest tree.
  2. build the plantation just on level with the “sea of leaves”. I didnt want to obscure too much below the trees, so I made the platform in the shape of a giant leaf, and decided that I would grow each crop in a different “mega leaf”. I put dirt and water in canals resembling the nerves of the leaf. In order to have each leaf to be “grown” on a different side of the tall tree, I built a cobblestone passage following the shape of the tree. It is very nice how it looks from the minimap.

Here I put some photos:

  1. The entrance to my hut (ugly as hell):

  2. The spiral mine with crystal levels:

  3. The view from the top-platform:

  4. The view from afar, over the jungle-leaves sea:

I have worked with very basic materials, so the textures and colors are not nice. But I thought that even if this was not what I planned to build first (was done mainly for survival), I think it has a funny shape and you would enjoy it :slight_smile:

I call this HouseTree instead of Tree House… because it happens that the house took the shape of a tree … not that it rests over a tree



Lovely! I like your house very much!

Thanks!!! I am thinking about replacing cobblestone with proper wood and logs… it would be more coherent with the “theme”

I want to thank the good soul that put a trash to catch the excess of my first machine,… and a pipe-cross.!!! I didnt that overflowing lagged the server… sorry about that ppl!!! :blush:

looks interesting, great work, keep it up ! :slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks! I have been away from Minetest for a while, … but now I will be coming back to continue my projects :slight_smile:

Nice to read you all again!


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Well I guess I have to finish my sphinx project to be able to brag again :stuck_out_tongue: