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I’ve added horses yesterday. Not much changes 'til now, but i tried to make them rare.

iw got one horse at my fort :slight_smile:
@dotti invited me to write this

i collected a lot of graas, and placed it. a little time, and a brown horse spawned there :smiley:
you need to craft a saddle and put it on hte horse (right click) and then if you want to pick it up you need normal click. and a bit interesting control :stuck_out_tongue: : forward = (dont need to hold it) move forward, a little time and it will stop mooving :confused: i dont know why ^^ you can controll it like a boat just slower. (if you want to go again, just pick up and place again ;)) you cannot stop it if mooving, or move backword :slight_smile:

actually it just an animal :smiley:

but i love it :slight_smile:

it is useful on water too xD
i tried it with f7 on/in (i dont remember what do i have to choese :p) water lol

i have not tried taming one yet

horses are not very rare to me