Hidden protection blocks and logos

<dkelley810> i was wondering how long do I have t play to get protect Priv?
<dkelley810> I want to get rid of the protect blocks in the air

I forgot to post this sooner, sorry. In the latest version of protector mod (https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?p=375494#p375494) it might be possible to make invisible and walk-through protection blocks and logos, using commands.

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If it’s part of the latest version, we probably have to accept it and update.
I think it’s good to see protection nodes/logos so you as player can see that it’s property of another player. (Yes, it’s written in the bottom left corner)…
But each player who did register here, introduced themselves and behaved properly got the trusted priv as soon as possible.

You can’t see protection blocks when the player goes through a lot of effort to hide them in builds (try to find them in my “free gold” build). And area protections never have anything visible in the world, so players should only rely on the lower left hud for all types of protections.

Also, protection blocks are still useful to players with the areas priv. There is a limit to the number of areas one can have, and protection blocks are easier to use for small quick builds. Those builds require less work when protection blocks can be made invisible.

Ah, that explains why I haven’t got it yet. Where do we introduce ourselves?

[EDIT] NM I found out where about 5 seconds after I made this post. :frowning:

you create a new topic in the “introduce yourself” category, and introduce yourself lol.
you’ll see easily how to make it when you hit the create new topic button