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Hey there, wouldn’t it be nice to have some “Help” category? Or, in case it already exists, someone help me to find it :wink: ?
I was trying to use the new traders-mod, but i feel unable to use it.
I seem unable to manage:
How limits can be deleted (i mixed up the sale by clicking like stupid).
Why i click on one limit to edit it, but another one opens (some kind of shift down)
How to see the Trades as a customer
How to enlarge the radius in wich a trader finds chests (would help to open a whole marked with one chest)
How to delete trades (atm they seem to reappear after closing the traders inv)
How to fill the large traders chest stackwise (shift + click on stack wont work as it does in normal chests)
How to connect a tube so the large traders chest

As this is a lot of questions, is there some kind of tutorial or else? I tried to read the docu at
but i seem unable to get the pictures to follow the manual so i do understand even less.

Greets and have fun building

Moved to “Support” :stuck_out_tongue:

In case you got a solution ingame, please tell us here for future visitors. :slight_smile:

  1. and 2.Trades can only be managed after enough people traded with your trader.(I don’t understand te prblems very well here, so that’s all what I can say.)
    3.You see them as acustomer exept for another dilog and bonus-buttons at the right.
    4.I have no idea how to solve that.
    5.< see 1 and 2 >
  2. and 7. Sadly trader chests and other spacial chests are not supported by many mods. You should make a feature request.