Halloween Event Tips

There is a room in the house with a quicksand-like floor. You might be able to swim up in it by jumping. If not, press P to turn on pitchmove, and then look upwards while moving forward. Thanks q333!

The pumpkin room can probably only be done with crystal boots and a glider. You need to parkour your way to the ceiling and find the exit. Using sethome along the way is very useful. You might also want to keep a spare glider in a bag so you can recover your bones after you fall to your death, and put it back in the bag immediately after using it.

The prize has a free right-click mode that gives you various friends. Its left-click mode requires lava slime balls placed to the left of it on hotbar. You can get them from testplants in red biomes. Place a testplant in your protection and watch what happens when you punch it. :slight_smile:

Very good tips. Don’t you think this makes it too easy?

The quicksand-like floor is impossible on some systems because jumping doesn’t swim up. Even with tips, q333 spent hours dying in the parkour room. It is probably the first parkour I’ve done in my 7 years of minecraft/minetest. I have hand control issues and would have gone home if I hadn’t been told about sethome.

I’ve also noticed that those mobs add no difficulty for anyone with good armor, but can become instant and repeated death for new players.

That’s correct. It’s very hard until impossible for players who aren’t active for about a week yet. Most of the players have at least a diamond armor and welcome a challenge. But the event will stay for some weeks, so everyone has a good chance to get through the event.
Yesterday I saw a player who solved all the parts in about 3 or 4 minutes.

most of the players have crystal boots, so the parkour can only be made with glider or crystal boots (or both). it can be made less than 1 min, i tested it. for a little experienced player, the parkour is so easy you cant believe. so when i build, i have to find the balance between these two: can be made for not too good players, but still a little challenging for good players. it is very hard to find this point, and i think i hit the easy for all point :smiley:
about the sinking wood, i didnt know some people cant swim in water :think_bread: the sinking wood should act just like water… i didnt see the code, but i assume, this would be the simplest way to make such a node …
so im sorry if you guys couldnt do parkour xD

The glider actually isn’t needed for that last jump, there is a secret that eliminates the last part of the course. :slight_smile:

I can swim in water just fine, but not in quicksand or that wood, unless pitchmove is enabled. Are you able to jump while standing on top of a travelnet?

No, not always. The extended nodes basicly constantly “teleports” you to the top of the extended node. That is why you seem lagging, and buzzing while standing on top of it. When you just teleported right to the top, you can jump, but when you just sunk a little, you cant. If you hold shift, you can jump as much as u want, and when you want. This is my experience, tho idk why you asked :smiley:
And btw you dont need glider at all to make it trough
Oh, and dont tell all the secrets! XD

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I was just wondering if your ability to jump in quicksand and fakewood allowed you to jump on top of travelnets.

Well, it might be possible to use sprint on the last jump (without the secret), but I jump (and click) with keyboard, and using forward, jump and sprint together is not possible for me (and possibly others). The glider is still needed to prevent death if you fall off though, assuming it opens.

I found a lot of secrets trying to unsuccessfully find the costume. But secrets are only for those who go looking for them…

sorry, the costume was removed for a little while, now you can easy get it via completing the house. interesting that you cant make it, ill keep that in mind. for me, its quite easy :smiley: and yes, you need glider to not die xD

I checked out the event yesterday and enjoyed it. I got my costume and scythe :slight_smile: