Gravity have no power against me!

There were a strange bug for me that the game forget that gravity should also affect me, and not just the others!
while i was flying up like a boss, i quickly made a really bad quality unlisted video.
Look at the top left corner and see how my y coord goes up with an insane speed (sorry… i also did some chatting with barnabas so you cant always see the number…)
video link:
(tell me if the link is not right. I’ll fix it then :smiley: )

Were you flying with the glider when it happened? Did you try closing the glider?

Your brother can help you.

I already escaped. First i did /home and then i just turned the glider on and back off.

lol its a strange bug, it usually only happens to me when i have troubles with the network. but this is different xD (

(would be cool to find out how to call this bug, and then use it to our advantage just sayin’…)