Go, connect your boxes - the latest Updates on Illuna


Hey partypeople it鈥檚 been a while - i just decided to try to continue the Illuna News series.
Maybe weekly, maybe not, priority is that something is going on.

:earth_africa: Updates in the TechEth World

On TechEth, @dotti now opened the Travelcenter.
Unconfigured Travelboxes are awaiting their new owners,
grab yourself a box and make it join your network.

In our /spawn castle is a travelbox you can use to find the travelnet.
鈥therwise, just use the newly added button in your inventory. :wink:

:wrench: Technical Updates

:rocket: Performance Improvements

I tried to determinate what鈥檚 slowing down our servers so bad and,
ended up removing these mods:

  • matrix_chat
  • showbones

I also stopped the growing of the fancy glowworms inside caves.

:toolbox: Random Modimprovements

  • Integral Sheep-Texture has been fixed (the patch will go live in the next hours)

:speech_balloon: Updates on the Chat:

  • :video_game: Ingame
    For the chat on TechEth, we鈥檙e using a mod called 鈥渃hat3鈥.
    I鈥檝e updated it to be compatible with IRC so far as it became a bit quiet from the outside.

  • :deciduous_tree: Outgame
    Since Matrix had to go again, i reverted back to IRC.
    Due ongoing spam issues on Freenode the channel is still 鈥渓ogged-in only鈥,
    this also makes fancy stuff like our RSS bot which shows commits on the code, unavailable as it seems.

:desktop_computer: Updates on the Website

  • TechEth Livemap has been fixed
  • The website does not pre-load the livemaps anymore,
    you may now click on a previewimage in order to activate a map,
    this should be a huge performance enhancement for you

:busts_in_silhouette: Updates on Playerbase

A couple more players joined us (and stood active) in the recent weeks, very nice. :tada:


Update: More free boxes in the travelcenter!
First come, first serve!