Future of the beginner villages

Dear players,

i had a closer look on the beginner villages.

Months ago, i already put a sign to the telepad at spawn which leads to the orange beginner village to inform that it’s quite crowded there.

The blue beginner village shows a similar situation. Very popular, many big and small builings, structures and protected zones. Still there is a bigger zon uphill, but it it’s either a matter of time until soneone builds there or it’s not attractive at all?

The cyan and yellow seem to be not very attractive and the lava of cyan lead to at least two incidenty due to bones which caused the lava to escape the basins we built.
But actually there is still a decent amount of space for more than a hand full of more or or less big builders.

I experienced that new players don’t want to walk too long to find a place to settle.
Orange and blue don’t fit that requirement anymore.
So, should we move them to 3000/3000? Or simply leave everything as it is? Or only lead new players to cyan and yellow until they are full too?
And what then?

And what about the telepads to the stars at 5000?
They aren’t used that much. There are only single buildings.
When I founded them last winter, I had the intention to create a space for good builders where no noobshed and pile of dirt will annoy.

I have many questions and I need you to discuss what should be done.

the problem is with the “area 5000”, that there are too little information at the place what actually it is for. “for experienced players” -so that means there are a lot of strong mobs to fight with ?- they ask, visit it, and then see nothing interesting. most of the players may be like that. the beginner villages are clearly the only way from spawn, a lot of new people doesnt even know about Travel Center (should be at spawn with huge floating signs as well), and by that, they dont know about area 5000. my experience: give description about everything . people dont like thinking :smiley: (like the nodes around the telepad. i know on myself, usually wont guess for the first time.) that is my opinion.
about the beginner villages, i would say its better if they have to walk a bit more, cuz when they cannot settle fast, they are kinda forced to go and explore a lot, and find a better spot a lot further away. ppl usually like exploring when they start. but they have to start :smiley: so i think the more closed, the better it is. but im not sure about this.
hope i helped by sharing my opinions!
see you around

As an inexperienced player I mainly just wanted to build something and was frustrated when everything around me was protected.
So I think it is a good idea to offer new beginner villages.
For example signpost the 5000/5000 as starting points for beginner or make new starting points, say 0/±3000 and ±3000/0 (and label the 2000/2000 as “old villages”).


Ok, so I am rambling on with a few thoughts :grinning: They are just ideas, so don’t take them too seriously. I agree that we need to think about where to go with the beginner villages.

I agree with these points. Perhaps making Area 5000 into additional beginner villages would be a good way to alleviate the pressure. Or perhaps even better - we establish new beginner villages that are closer to spawn (I don’t really want the more distant areas to be too infiltrated with noobsheds and half-finished stone block boxes made by players who only logged in a couple of times). At any rate, I don’t think we need the area 5000 for experienced players. If experienced players want to settle down away from random protector nodes and noobsheds, then they will not want to do that next to a telepad from spawn. They will also be experienced enough to find a suited place far away on their own. We also have the forum and the chat that can facilitate planning etc. if returning players want to build in the same area or work on joint projects. I don’t think area 5000 is necessary for that.

When I first logged on the to TechEth I was confused about the beginner villages. I teleported to the orange one but found it to be an overpopulated yet completely dead place. There were no working shops or other useful functions there at that point, and also no form of cooperation between the players in the village. So more a cluster of unrelated buildings than a village, in other words. I guess we should either market the beginner villages not as villages but as mere express routes away from spawn (area protection around the place you teleport to could then force players to walk for a little while before they settle). Or we can think of the villages as actual villages where a certain degree of player interaction is encouraged. Maybe we could have beginner villages with different building styles? Or colour schemes for the builds? Or villages that are based around a shared ‘profession’, like a farming village that cooperates to run a food shop, a mesecons village for cool contraptions etc… But this would mean leveling up the villages a bit from ‘beginner’ to ‘intermediate’ I guess. Also it would require much more work from moderators and probably more players, so I can totally see that it might not work.

On the forum, people have also complained about there being little trade going on between players on Illuna. Perhaps the ‘fragmentation’ of spawn into separate beginner villages has been one reason for the lack of trade? In that case I think we should factor this into the question of what to do with the beginner villages.

And btw., I agree with jakab here:

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i totally agree with this!

and all the other idea @bothy was talking about seems like a good idea, adding functions to the villages and stuff. maybe we can make smaller squares “building sites” around the beginner villages to make the players build in a bit more orderly. also makes it easier to administrate the areas, for example remove noobsheds after a month or so.

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Offering plots in the size of a protection node between protected streets could be the optimal market space. But that’s not a good concept for starting a life on a server.

Today I discussed the ideas with @bothy and @Dirk. I saw 3 options:

  • Beginner villages at 3000
  • Send players to edged of the kingdom (there already are telepads to there.
  • Use the area 5000 stars

And the result we came up with is to use the area 5000 stars.
It seems clear there have to be at least some buildings around.
But what we didn’t decide yet is what to offer from the side of the team.
I want players to do such things on their own. You wanna have a market? Build one!
You wanna have a travelcenter? Build one! (Well… because players didn’t build one, we were forced to do so… :frowning:)

Good idea. I can certainly focus my next build on one of the stars to help increase activity there!