Fusion of the Worlds - the latest Updates on Illuna

Hi there, it鈥檚 been a while since the latest collection of Illuna updates :slight_smile:


new mods:

  • ctravelnet this i basicly a blue travelbox. This mod is an extension to the current travelnet and still in beta. It will be used for the Illuna travelnet.
  • horses has been added

recipe fixes:

  • bags this recipe was broken after the latest servermigration.
  • toolrepair is using group:tree instead of default:jungletree now

mob function updates:

  • wolf follows also mobs_zombie:rotten_flesh and mobs_sandworm:wormflesh_raw
  • wolf can also be tarmed mobs_zombie:rotten_flesh and mobs_sandworm:wormflesh_raw
  • Green Slimes only spawns on default:mossycobble and group:mushroom now (and the group has been added to the game)

general mod updates:

  • the helloscreen mod informs new players about introducing in the forum now
  • mapfix is now available for players with the trusted_player privilege
  • cottages added negative falldamage to strawnodes to unify straw with updated farming straw, which was merged from the original farming mod
  • caverealms a servercrash when a player tried to dig the flames in some caves was fixed
  • teleport_potion's old recipe was displayed in the craftguide which was confusing for some players, this is fixed now
  • farming banana_leaves can be dig with leave drop again
  • default flowing lava is now able to cool down to basalt too
  • homedecor pedestal is using the default:stone texture now
  • plantlife removed the duplicate sugar and let it use farming:sugar for pie鈥檚

minetest & minetest_game are merged to the latest development state.

world migration:
We migrated some buildings from the old daughter server 鈥渕inetest heaven germany鈥.
If yours is missing, tell us and it will be added.


Beside CSS fixes, the forum was updated to the latest beta release.

Notable changes:

  • security improvements
  • (much) stronger botprotection
  • quote feature
  • HTML formatted eMails


  • The homepage was completly rewritten under the hood. It is now a Ruby on Rails application.
    Notable new features for users:

    • Location detection:
      The homepage will detect if you be in germany or somewhere else to automaticly choose the needed locale for you and set a cookie to save this. You can adjust it by hand of curse and your setting will remembered until the cookie is deleted.
    • New routes
      Since it is not a plain html/css/js page anymore, there is no need for /de/ or /en/.
      Example: /de/screenshot is now just /screenshot.
    • New interactive mapshots
      This was annaunced already but can mentioned in this news collection again.
      Our mapshots are not just big fat static images anymore, we鈥檙e using LeafletJS and a tile script for interactive mapshots now. It鈥檚 just like OpenStreetMap or GoogleMaps or whatever you prefer.
      More features will come.
  • Screenshots:
    Coeseta鈥檚 Tower of Madness has been updated since there where some lightglitches fixed

  • General:

    • A ton of style and link-/scriptfixes under the hood
    • We have a footer now, for language switch and stuff
    • Dotti got a place in the contact page
    • Google Group was removed


Over 250 new colors where updated/added to the Mapper which creates our Mapshots.


A basic, experimentally Wiki was born

that is a lot :o