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How do you like the current viewing and the functionallity of this forum?

Would you love to see some improvements?
Do you miss some features?

What do you love?

Regards :3


Is there a list of all members?


Wouldn’t it be better to be able again sending public notes if a new player arrived?

this thread belongs more to the forum itself…


i love this forum :3 i think nothing missing …
just cant put pictures, but thats my problem x)


@jakab you can! Look at the right-upon edge of the editor, There is an upload icon!


yes i know just dont know how to write it like : /home/jakab/image of >home>jakab>image or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:


tell me this in our chat :3


There is no image upload icon. I found this image linked at: and it shows the upload icon, but my toolbar does have an upload icon. I have tried Firefox, Chromium, and Opera, (all on Linux Mint 18)


^This can be used for embed or upload.

The syntax for the absolute path of an image is: ![](//
(sorry, my network connection is too slow to use your google drive image as an example)

The old one is obsolete since we have a way more powerful editor plugin in the forum.


I saw the drop down, but it only showed the line for the image URL. It is the same on my Samsung Android phone. After looking at your reply, I noticed German in the screenshot and my best guess is that there is no English version of the UI. I will try it in German and see if it displays properly.


The form is now in German (Deutsch) and the image drop down has the same issue.

Neither Dropbox or Google Drive allow direct image URL, they both provide sharable links. I hope you can see these screen shots


Try replacing ?dl=0 with ?dl=1 :

-> ![](

I hope to find a solution fast.


this forum is great !!


The forum is too playful for my taste I’m afraid. I do prefer a more simplistic style which focusses on reading and writing posts, while also allowing to take a look at the occasional screenshot. The good old usenet was best :slight_smile: Still miss that a lot.


I can understand this but remember that it is important to reach as much people as possible - many are young.
I think a catchy design is important and i hope it is that way for the most people.

On the other hand, i setted up a Flarum forum for my main domain stuff.
It is way more minimalistic but still very catchy and playful… .^^


@sokomine said:
The forum is too playful for my taste I’m afraid.

I prefer the relaxed and playful atmosphere of the forum, because after six decades of life I have found much of life is taken too seriously. Playfulness is a good thing to keep old people young at heart and a good place we can mentor respectful, yet fun younger players. B)


I am curious how you folks like our new Forum. :slight_smile:
We’re using Discourse now and our custom theme is not yet finish but hey… . :cake:


password 15 chars at least… paranoiac ?

menu overlap the seach icon
"feedback" too close from border


We can discuss about that on mumble today.
These are default values, in your case an value for admins.


gné ? admins ??? I’m not an admins at my lastest news…
“someone lied me ?” (<-- funny french sentence… )