Forum Design-Feedback


Hey partypeople, i spent some time, finally giving this forum a dark- and more website-matching theme. This led to some website adjustments as well tbh.
Since there is a ton of things to style, a few things may still be incomplete and look awkward by now, however, i’d be happy to get some feedback to the overall look and feel that comes along with this big theme-update.

Note: this work yet only affected the desktop version, i hope i’ll have the time for smartphones soon, sorry about that!

Share your thoughts. :slight_smile:

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as far as i can see, it looks cool! i like that it has a bit of transparency.
and the background picture maybe should be less pale becoulse it look awesome! also i dont know
how mutch the fonts will be wisible, so you know :wink:

owerall: superawesome!