Flags of vip players


i would like to know the flags of the vip players, to place them in my new fortress.
as far as i know, @grand, @coeseta, and storyous (he doesent have account ?..) hasnt have a flag. please make one for me! :smiley:
and @dotti im not sure if your flag is the big “D” tile…
and i dont know anithing about @ClaudiusMinimus , but ill look around …

if anyone has a flag, please post a schreenshot here!


I am almost sure I already have a flag on my castle but I will check it out and let you know :slight_smile:


thanks :stuck_out_tongue: there is a huge chance that i didnt see it, your terrority is wery large :smiley:


Found my flag on my keep :slight_smile:


ohh thanks! hmm ill have truble to make it fit in, but ill do it :smiley:


just make it “black, green, black”, that should be enough :slight_smile:


okay… but i think i can make it like: halfblack halfgreen fullblack halfgreen halfblack. maybe :stuck_out_tongue: