Fisher Village's Secret Dungeon!


Ahoy Illuna-mates!

As most of you know, i am working on a Fisher Village near the Illuna castle!
It’s under construction but as the title say’s: there is a hidden dungeon-like thing. i have no idea how to call it. the main thing that there are a few bunch of rooms, which contain a little challange for you! they are short, and fun, none of them are truly dangerous (unless u do something stupid)
ATTENTION: ONLY ONE PERSON IS ALLOWED TO GO IN THE DUNGEON! due the restart mechanism. please be patient if others are in!
some schreenie (no spoiler):

to find the secret dungeon, you have to look around at my Fisher Village from TC!
some hints (from up do down, the hints will make it easier and easier. recommended to see as less as you can!)
tip 1:

its a piston trapdoor, triggered by player detector.

tip 2:

the entrance is in one of the small houses

tip 3:

the entrance is in one of the storage like looking house

tip 4:

seriously ???



Its really fun I have gone all three ways and am yet to find the hidden room xD
Thanks for all the hard work on it!

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