Find my inventory after I die


So I die a lot (I’m new) - but when I respawn, my inventory is gone. The server is kind enough to give me the coordinates so I can go find them. Except - I have no privileges to use the teleport function to actually do this.

So how do I keep from continually losing my inventory. I mean, I was trying to help the poor dog/bear thing - it was stuck in a hole and I didn’t mean to anger it but it didn’t seem to understand…


Hello donblanco,

you need to put all your valuable stuff into bags.
Therefore you need to have bags placed in the bags slots, which you will find in the interface. There are different bags craftable, each offer different space for items.

And to protect yourself better against mob-damage, you need to craft and wear some armor. Check the craft guide in the inventory to see what is craftable and how. AFAIK the best craftable armor is the Crystal Armor (set), which also gives you a walking speed bonus and even allows to swim in lava (with all 5 parts).
You also might have to use some weapons and fight… or run away :wink:


well I saw the bag slots, but I didn’t understand that I have to collect materials, craft the bag, then put it in the slot! And then I can collect other things and store them so when robots shoot things at me I won’t lose them all, or that other dark shape-shifter thing comes at me. wtf?

Also, yes. Armor is starting to seem like a good deal. Oh boy, more crafting! :sob:


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