Fast growing - the latest Updates on Illuna

Today i’ll try to tell you about the latest updates on Illuna.
I forgot to make me notes again. :sob:

  • @addi’s darkage mod was merged into our fork of a fork of addi’s darkage.
    • Resulting issues where fixed
  • Recipe for stone bricks was updated (again) to panel_stone
  • The dragon mod spawns, armor, speed, damage, collisionbox and so on are finally adjusted and balanced.
    If you didn’t read about this new mod, very powerful dragons are spawning in caverealms from -11.000 to -22.000.
  • Updated mithril and diamond level/damage and fire arrow damage
  • Illuna-Notes are now colorized for better distinguishing in the chat - you’ll need a nightly or git-build of Minetest to see it.
  • A ranks mod added: the team names will become colorful. For testing, @dotti is yellow and me is red but sadly, this is also using the too modern colorize feature and creates problems for current client releases so we may search an other solution.
  • Pkarcs is now able to handle darkage stuff
  • A realistic charcoal mod was added.
  • Bones and bonemeal where added
  • Diamond and mithril screwdrivers where added
  • Mapfix values where adjusted (for non-trusted_players)
  • The Worldsgate building by @Sotoryos_gfjh is now part of our official screenshot page.
  • As always: several adjustments and updates in the background.
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Wonderful updates and congrats to @Sotoryos_gfjh

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